Art Workshop: Portrait in Oils


Portrait in Oils Workshop – Duault, Côtes d’Armor, Brittany (February 2018)
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Participants spent the day in my garden studio developing their skills in portrait painting. The workshop started with an overview of portrait painting and its role in Western Art, the aim being to examine different techniques and provide an historical perspective. They were then given the opportunity to experiment with oil paint with a focus on colour-mixing and brush application. At this stage they were encouraged to paint a detail of the human face, working on a small scale so they could practice their skills in recording subtle changes of skin tones.

Demonstrations were given in the technique of colour mixing, and in particular the use of warm and cool colour relationships. Each participant was then given an A3 canvas on which to create a final portrait in oils. Some impressive work was produced at this stage (creating a portraits in oils is no easy fete, and given the time constraints of completing a portrait in 1 day, they did brilliantly!) I’m really looking forward to seeing how their work progresses in the future!

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