Current Art Work: ‘Fragility #1&2’ (Mum at 82)

Current Work: ‘Fragility #1&2 (Mum at 82)
Pastel on Ingres Paper

Duault, Côtes d’Armor, Brittany

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‘Fragility #1 & #2’ are a homage to my Mum at the age of 82. The inspiration for this series comes from the immensely powerful self-portraits of Rembrandt, and the tender paintings of the artist’s mother by Lucian Freud. In the case of both artists, I was captivated by their skilful use of brushwork in depicting the character of ageing skin, whilst retaining the dignity of the person within.


For this series, soft pastels seemed to be the perfect medium for rendering the texture of the skin as these allow me to be more expressive with my mark-making.
I have returned to my Mum as subject for my work at various points in my artistic development (she featured a lot in my final degree show in 1988). To capture her later in life seemed like a natural thing to do, as this enabled me to create a sort of diary of particular episodes in her life.
Through this work I wanted to show the fragility of old age, but also maintain stature and respect through the pose and viewpoint.

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