Sarah’s Hair – pastel

I am currently working on a few pieces (my aim being not to labour on any one piece, as I have a tendency to 'fiddle'). This is my niece Sarah who has the most amazing hair and spends painstaking hours arranging it. She is a creative soul with an incredible flair for art and writing … Continue reading Sarah’s Hair – pastel


New Work in Progress: ‘Mum Dressed for Winter’

After 4 months away (teaching in the UK) I am now back in my studio in France. This is a new pastel drawing in progress 'Mum dressed for Winter'. There is still much to do to the face and clothing but it is getting there slowly. My mum was recently diagnosed with Alzheimers. At present … Continue reading New Work in Progress: ‘Mum Dressed for Winter’

Hands (graphite and charcoal on paper)

I've recently been focusing on hands as a vehicle for a theme based on the seasons - as preliminary studies for paintings (Mum's hands and my niece's hands). The drawing of my Mum's hands is now complete / the drawing of my niece's hands is a work in progress. It's been a real challenge moving … Continue reading Hands (graphite and charcoal on paper)